Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Liberal Arts College Mergers, Apple Store Online Degrees, 10 Career Presents for Xmass, Mental Fortitude, Book Recommendation

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Liberal Arts College Mega-Mergers By: John Kroger
Imagining an Apple Store for Online Degrees By: Lindsay McKenzie
4 Tips That Will Help You Prepare For A Successful New Year By: Ashira Prossack
Do You Have The Mental Fortitude To Be Truly Successful? By: Terina Allen
10 Career-Related Presents To Give for Christmas By: Caroline Ceniza-Levine
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Book of the Season
Every week or two, we hear about a liberal arts college closing its doors or cutting faculty and programs. Everyone agrees that for the remaining schools, competitive pressure is only going to increase, with declining enrollments and increased discount rates ahead. Many scholars have predicted that between 10 percent and 50 percent of these small colleges will be forced to close over the next two decades. Which institutions will survive and which ones will close? And how do we respond to this reality? 
Georgia Tech moves forward with plans to create storefronts for its online education programs, joining a growing number of institutions offering hybrid online learning experiences. Georgia Institute of Technology is considering creating brick-and-mortar "storefronts" for prospective and current students to sample its course offerings, listen to lectures and network. The effort is part of Georgia Tech's plans to make its online degrees and professional education certificates more appealing to the nontraditional students of tomorrow, who the institution predicts will expect "flexible learning experiences."
“We know that students are happy with the online delivery, but we have found that they still have the desire, and in many cases, the need, to connect physically with us,” said Rafael Bras, the university's provost.
Read more: https://www.insidehighered.com/digital-learning/article/2018/11/26/coming-shopping-mall-near-you-georgia-tech
With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The holidays are often the busiest time of year and there’s the added pressure of trying to finish up everything before December 31st. What’s often overlooked, however, is the valuable opportunity this time of year offers. The last month of the year is the prime time to look back at the previous 12 months and set goals for the next 12.
Faking happiness is not success. Faking fulfillment is not success. Faking mental strength is not success. When we go through life imitating joy and peace because this is something others need or want to see from us, we are not a success no matter our material, financial or family surroundings.
Read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/terinaallen/2018/11/25/do-you-have-the-mental-fortitude-to-be-truly-successful/#7835ed347772
Puka shell necklace, rubber duck, pair of scissors and a potato were among the terrible office holiday gifts uncovered by Snappy, a corporate gifting tech company that surveyed 1,000 U.S. employees over age 18. Some gifts were just cheap and impersonal – gas station wine, bookmark. Some were odd – mason jar lid, jumper cables, broom. Some should not have made it past HR and compliance – urinal with popcorn in it, foot lotion, lottery tickets, a copy of Magic Mike.
Title: Working Smarter, Not Just Harder | Author: Dr. Karl Reid | Connect with Dr. Reid on LinkedIn HERE | PURCHASE his book HERE
Here’s a meaningful holiday gift idea for the high school and college student, or for those setting new personal goals for 2019! Available on Amazon in print and Kindle formats.

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