Sunday, January 27, 2019

Winter 2019 | CAREER NEWS FOR STUDENTS (Lottery Admissions, Coaching Kit, Home Library, Alumni Networks, FederalAid Process, and more)

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A Home Library Can Have a Powerful Effect On ChildrenA new study finds that simply growing up in a home with enough books increases adult literacy and math prowess. 1) A child growing up in a home with at least 80 books will have greater literacy and numeracy in adulthood. 2) A home library can promote reading and math skills more than college alone can. 3) Growing up in a pro-learning home leads to a lifetime of knowledge-seeking. Read more |
Alumni Networks Less Helpful Than AdvertisedMany universities boast about how influential their alumni networks are in ensuring students are gainfully employed upon graduation. This promise has become so ubiquitous in higher education that there are several publicly available rankings of the most powerful alumni networks. These networks are often ranked based upon alumni donorship rates. Read more
Think the Federal-Aid Process Is Crazy? Here’s Some ‘Bureaucratic Sanity’ ~ The U.S. Department of Education on Wednesday made many people happy. No, really. Financial-aid officers, college-access advocates, and education wonks all cheered the news that a vexing part of the federal-aid process had just gotten simpler. Read more
Why Elite Colleges Should Use a Lottery to Admit Students If the Harvard admissions trial teaches us anything, it should be that there are more brilliant and accomplished young people in the United States eager for a top-notch education than there are seats to accommodate them. Places like Harvard and other elite colleges select students from a pool flush with well-qualified applicants who could handle the coursework, contribute to campus life, and go on to great things after college. Read more
Why Does College Cost So Much When Inflation is So Low? College tuition is in the news, and no wonder. On average, tuition has increased 100 percent since 2001, even after accounting for inflation. In recent years, the rate of increase in tuition and fees has slowed, but the lag in aid funding has resulted in students paying more anyway. Read more
I will be attending and personally want to INVITE YOU TO ATTEND THE PARW/CC 2019 CONFERENCE | The Premier Resume Writer and Career Coaching Association and the Power Behind Career Success Since 1990 | April 28 - May 1, 2019 | Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa, Florida | Registration is 4-6 PM on April 28th. The conference ends mid-day on May 1st. An international conference for résumé writing and career coaching professionals. You will learn that Creating a Culture of Excellence results in...
1) Optimizing efficiency and productivity - to help more job seekers land jobs quickly and effectively! 2) Tactically & strategically growing your business to improve revenue, profits, and income! 3) Learning cutting-edge tools & strategies to meet job seeker needs in a transformational job market! 4) Mastering motivational techniques so job seekers manage fear and adversity to achieve success! 5) Meeting old & new friends to share experiences to “raise the bar” of providing exceptional services! 6) Re-thinking what you think you know to achieve your own professional goals and objectives!
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