Sunday, November 11, 2012

Upcoming Leadership Conference, Sat 11/17 on Branding, Leadership, Music Biz, Jobs, Dating....etc.

 Please pass the word to: students, family, friends, mentees, businesses, schools, colleges, churches etc.

YPN-ULEM presents our 2nd Annual Leadership Development Conference Saturday 11/17: "Building Upon Your Foundation".

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This year's day conference, “Building Upon Your Foundation” will take place November 17th, 2012 at Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Registration opens at 8:30am.

Conference topics will include: “Sustaining Your Network”, “When and How to take the Leap into Leadership”, “Managing Your Brand”, “Twitter”, “Making a Career Transition”, “The Music Business”….AND MORE

Purchase tickets (individual and group):

We look forward to presenting you with an exceptional conference featuring many speakers from across the country including:

Kevin Powell: Activist & Writer (
A product of extreme poverty, welfare, fatherlessness, and a single mother
Blogs for The Huffington Post, The Guardian,, The Daily Kos
Lectures on activism, the state of hiphop, and being Black and male in America
 Kevin was a cast member on the first season of MTV’s “The Real World”; has hosted and produced programming for HBO and BET

Aaron Arnold: Writer, Producer & CFO of MusicIsMyBusiness (@MrMIMB)
Left Corp America became unpaid assistant to Sean Diddy Combs. Now CEO of MusicIsMyBusiness (,One Of America's Smartest New Companies-Inc. MAG.
Featured in: Black Enterprise, Inc Magazine, CNN, MTV, Vh1,, Fast Company
Monica Cost: Brand Strategist, Inspirational Speaker and Author (
Brandi Richard: National Urban League Young Professionals President (
Darnell Williams: President & CEO of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts (
Rahshib Thomas: National Urban League Regional Vice President (Rolling Out Magazine)
Thomas Edwards: Lifestyle Strategy Consultant, Dating Coach, Featured in: Maxim, Cosmo  (

Kim Duke-Rivers: Founder and Principal at Diversity Staffing Pros, LLC (Staffing & Job Agency)
Nancy Rachel Rousseau: Field Organizer, Leadership, Non-Profits, Coalition Building
Natascha Saunders:  CEO,  TheYouth Career Coach Inc. and Manager of Employer Relations & Career Programs at MIT

James McGruder
Heather Carpenter
DJ Val Beatz
Mike Ambassador-Bruny
Marvin L. Venay (Moderator) 

Get your tickets today so that you do not miss out of this professional development opportunity! Tickets can be purchased from any executive leadership team members or at


To purchase tickets (individual or group):


Contact President Luma at: (617) 953-7408

Please mention Natascha Saunders, Founder of The YouthCareer Coach Inc. referred you.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Do You Know Your Purpose?

A few months ago, I went in for a routine eye exam to only be sent in urgency to another hospital to learn that I have an excess of Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) building up in my brain. On yesterday, I had a lumbar puncture which helps to relieve the pressure in my brain and can help to prevent vision problems or blindness, which they say can occur. Now, NO NEED to feel sorry, I’m good!

I debated for weeks if I should post this on facebook but this morning I woke up after being in prayer realizing that God’s purpose for my life is so much greater than being a career coach; and that if anyone was an open book and willing to share their ups & downs, God knows it’s me.

There is a reason why each of you has connected to me on social media, each of you has chosen to share a piece of your world with me and I have done the same. So I ask you, DO YOU KNOW YOUR PURPOSE? 

We all have faced trials and tribulations, disappointments and horrible tragedies but if we have opened our eyes on today our purpose on this earth has not be completed. Steve Jobs, in his famous graduating class at Stanford speech, said he starts his day asking "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?"

I ask each of you to take a moment and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?’ The answer lies in the pit of your soul, your deepest gut instinct, and it’s my belief if you pray you will receive an answer.

So I challenge you to begin today making the life you desire. Live the life you deserve. Appreciate the fact that you can even see the words on this page clearly. I know that I am God’s child and he has the ability to heal me. Yet, what I want more than anything is to travel the road God has called me to travel, no matter where it may lead me.

I pray you have the strength to continue on your journey as I do mine.

Natascha ‘Career Coach’ Saunders