Friday, July 4, 2014

The Visa Interview

The #Visa Interview

I’m preparing for my interview. I am so nervous. I just want to be sure I do and say everything right. My hands are sweating. I’m thinking about my family because I want them to be proud of me. I’ve heard many things about America and I’m just excited at the opportunity. I realize I’m going to a rural area of Wisconsin, so I’m very curious as towards what it will be like when I arrive. Are there tons of cars? Do the students go out on the weekends? How much do American students study? Will the work be easy? Oh goodness, let me just focus on this interview. I wonder what they will ask me. Will they like my answers? Will they be able to understand my English? I did read on a blog that,   

'The visa officer is looking for an honest student who intends to study in the US, has reasonable funds and an economic standing/ financial plan to pay for it and intends to return to India upon completion.' ~ Aroosha Z. Rana, Vice Consul, U.S.

Well, I’m going to do my very best to be sure I do just that! Off I go!

I’m at the #interview. I can’t believe I made it but I’m so ready for this. I did go through a security check like I was told I would and it went okay. It’s like going through the airport, nothing I can’t handle. I was given a number as I entered the #embassy. I watched the board with fascination, waiting for my number to be called. I made sure to keep a smile on my face and give really good handshakes to anyone that reached out their hand. I brought all of my documents like they said to. I practiced answering questions with my friends who went through this process before and with a few English tutors that I had. Ooooh, they just called me in, wish me luck. 

After the interview. So the interview went good. I was asked about where I went to school. Why do I want to go to school in the US? Why college in rural Wisconsin? What do I plan to study? What do I plan to do after my degree is finished? I answered all of the questions as best I could, short and to the point. I made sure to emphasis that it’s just to study with the renowned faculty and I look forward to the opportunity of returning home to my family and using the knowledge I’ve gained in our family business. 

P.S. Just heard back a few weeks later – I was approved for my student visa!