Friday, July 13, 2018

Templates for your Start-Up Speaking Business

"Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can." Arthur Ashe

Greetings Everyone,
I hope this post finds you well.
I wanted to reach out because lately, I have been working with women who are thinking about becoming speakers and starting businesses. I’ve noticed one key issue they’re struggling with is where to start.
I wanted to help, so I decided to create the Business Start-Up Tool Kit.
What it is NOT is legal advice. Even I have a lawyer for my corporation formation, a lawyer for my copyright needs, and a CPA who has been doing my accounting since 2009, because my business serves RI, MA, NY, VA, and D.C.
What it IS, however, are the documents I use in my business every day to attract, coach, and serve my clients.
I'm offering my business templates such as.... business plan outline, client intake form, coaching topic outline, blog editorial calendar, sample service agreement, sample contract, speaker flyer, sample tri-fold, workshop evaluation form, and even my speaker request form.
Having these documents (which can be freely edited and used immediately) would be helpful for anyone starting out resulting in time saved, earning revenue faster, being able to accept speaking engagements immediately, and helping to get those business ideas into a written plan.
To learn more about the ‘Business Start-Up Tool Kit’ click HERE

Friday, July 6, 2018

FREE Career Development Workshop with Natascha | Saturday, July 7th, 2018

FREE Career Development Workshop with Natascha Faye Saunders, a Certified Career Coach, Consultant and Professor


Tomorrow, Saturday, July 7th 
All Ages, Genders, Occupations, Education & Income Levels 
33 Elm Hill Avenue, Boston, MA 02121
10am - 12pm

Areas to be covered include:
~Resume Trends & Tips and for those in academia CV's 
~ LinkedIn and overall Effectively Networking to Grow Your Reach
~ Updating Your Vision Statement & Mapping Out Your End of Year Goals
~ Thinking about going back to school, whether it's for your College Degree, Bachelor's, Masters or Doctoral Degree - Natascha served on the MBA Admissions Committee at MIT so she has some ideas. 
~ Thinking about 'Personal Branding'? If so, come to hear Natascha talk about how you can better position yourself. She is the creator of a copywritten formula called M.I.C.R.O that you can use to advance your career.
~ Or maybe you've been thinking about entrepreneurship or becoming a speaker. If so, come and ask questions that will help you get started.

This is your time to come and get FREE career advice, so bring your friends, uncles, cousins, kids, parents, neighbors, resumes, laptops, notebooks, and pens.
See you there!