Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ask the Career Coach? What are your questions?

Ask the Career Coach returning for the month of March. Yes, me on video. Oh, my.....decided to test it out for a bit :-) ..but this is where I could use your wisdom. If you could ask me anything what would it be? If I could talk about any topic at all what should it be?

Inspiration? Leadership? Goals? Resumes? Speaking? Branding? Going back to school? Suggested readings? Being a First Gen? Changing careers? Finding internships? Overcoming obstacles? Motivation? etc.

Let me know below... send me a DM, email me at or text ideas to 202-400-2562.


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Teen Entrepreneur Series on April 7 FREE! FREE!!

Boston: Please invite teens ages 13-19 to join the next Teen Entrepreneur Series on April 7th. Help get the word out by sharing this flyer with your email and social media friends. FREE! FREE!! FREE!!!

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