Monday, July 24, 2017

Women's Business BootCamp in Boston August 25th & 26th

According to the American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor study, women business owners are less likely to take a salary than their male peers.
  • Did you know women-owned businesses have grown 2x as fast as those owned by men since the late 1990s?
  • Did you know male business owners pay themselves an average of $17,400 a year more than their female counterparts?
With numbers, this low here's hoping the next success story of women business owners can be you and together we can change this with the help of Attorney Nicole M. Bluefort.

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Nicole is a successful lawyer, a professional based in New England who knows exactly what it takes to conceive, launch, market and manage a business. She runs two very successful six-figure+ businesses with a team. She grew to scale and duplicated herself!

I remember driving back from Virginia and seeing her face and her team on a highway billboard and thought I most definitely need to connect with her.

Nicole is humble, kind and knowledgeable. 

Remember– many women business owners are NOT making any $$$$ but she IS with a team that she PAYS! …. And she grew considerably fast.

Your invitation to grow with us…

I wanted to personally invite you to her first ever live, intensive, hands on two-day Revenue Generator Mastermind Bootcamp next month in August 25th & 26th. All the topics below (scroll to the end) in the flyer are what will be covered and I will be there.


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At the Revenue Generator Mastermind Bootcamp, Nicole M. Bluefort will take you through her proven system to grow your business, which includes:

·  A 6-module course taught by her and six other experts on how to up level your business

·  A newly updated workbook for mapping out your ideas and increasing your ability to think innovatively

·  A networking lunch with newly minted six-figure entrepreneurs and your fellow bootcampers

·  A group training call to ask all your questions and share your ideas on revenue generation after the two-day event.

Thanks to popular demand, she’s added extra bonuses in the Revenue Generator Mastermind Bootcamp VIP package:

·  A VIP networking breakfast with Nicole M. Bluefort and the other six speakers from the NMC Bootcamp.

·  A 30-minute one-on-one consulting call after the two-day event so she can create a tailored action plan for your specific business.

·  AND MUCH MORE......
“This isn’t just a training program for female entrepreneurs. It’s a hard-hitting bootcamp for small-business owners who, because they happen to be women, also face certain realities in starting and running their dream business and want to learn how to navigate and excel in generating revenue.” ~ Nicole
Nicole M. Bluefort guarantees the NMC Revenue Generator Mastermind Bootcamp will position you for success.

Register here.... or call 617-217-2720 and let her team know Natascha referred you.