Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank You to CEO, Tory Johnson (*ABC Workplace News Correspondent)

Thank you so much to CEO,Tory Johnson (ABC Workplace News Correspondent) and Marketing Guru, Genevieve Geaney for featuring me on the SPARK & HUSTLE website as a 'Daring Doer'. 

If you've been living under a rock this entire time check out:!! 

I met Tory in LA at her conference and it was life changing!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NAACP Boston Labor and Industry: LOGAN AIRPORT HIRING (De-icing Agents & Passenger ...

NAACP Boston Labor and Industry: LOGAN AIRPORT HIRING (De-icing Agents & Passenger ...: De-icing Agents and Passenger Service Agents Wanted at Logan Airport Servisair will be at Career So...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Youth Career Coach Inc. *PRESENTS*

September 2011  'TALENTED TEEN'

"A Healthy Cookie Company" 

DeAnna, a 16 year old home schooled student in the 11th grade, and the owner/founder of her own cookie business called My Sweet Tooth, LLC.  My Sweet Tooth, LLC was created to meet the desires of children and adults that not only have restrictive dietary needs, but also those who are facing diabetes, obesity, and those who simply want a healthier choice.

DeAnna hopes to one day have her cookies within school systems and within grocery stores for home shoppers. DeAnna has been featured on the Syndicated Coca Brother Radio Show; Radio One DC's Public Affairs Talk Show with Sheila Stewart; Black Business Owners Network with Ms. Brenda Eason and Tina Michelle, interviewed by the Katie Able Foundation and spotlighted exclusively on Fox-5 TV with Wisdom Martin.

DeAnna is also the host of a Teen Entrepreneur Reality Show called “Soaring with Eagles”.   "My goal is to motivate and inspire youth in our community who are just like me. As I look around I see children who are younger than me struggling with diabetes (whether it is type I or II). I also see children and adults who struggle to maintain their weight but just can’t let go of the sweets." said Ms. Mayo.  

You can read more about her at: The Youth Career Coach Inc.