Friday, April 1, 2016

5 Easy Steps to Finding Balance in Life & Career

This week our theme has been on 'finding balance'. We all may agree that aiming for balance in all areas of our lives is important. Granted it doesn't always happen that way, but wouldn't you agree it's worth a try? 
If so, then it's time for you to take a step back and find the balance across your daily responsibilities, let's look at: 5 Easy Steps to Finding Balance in Life and Career:
Step 1. Define What Balance Means to You 
Decide what a life of balance looks like. Write a statement and post it where you can read it daily. 
Step 2. Make a List 
Write out on paper what you balance: family, spouse, school, community, work, business, health, friends, etc. What tasks can you do to better manage? And, who can you ask for help? 
Step 3. Say NO! 
In your list above was there anything you can say no to? What drains your energy? Take steps to move out of it immediately. 
Step 4. Time For You
You find balance by making you a priority! If you are not in balance then how can those who depend on you know balance? Map out your to-do's daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly - which helps you find balance. 
Step 5. Pray! 
Your spirit guides you across your daily endeavors. Make time to connect in quiet mediation and prayer. 
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