Sunday, June 15, 2014

Initiative - Do you have it? #Instinct

Initiative - Do you have it?

Initiative is the motivation to direct effort toward achieving challenging goals and remaining determined even when things get difficult. (Larson, 2000)

Taking the initiative is not easy; it involves: guts, courage, and a focus on the improvement of personal abilities rather than comparing yourself to others.

Ask yourself, do you assess and initiate things independently? Do you take the opportunity to act or take charge before others do? If so, than you are clearly on the right track to success but if not, know that initiative is an indicator of future achievement. 

Take a moment and think of some examples of leaders who took the initiative and as a result changed our world. I believe we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, so don't you feel some duty to set the trail for those after us? 

Tips to taking the Initiative:

1. Follow your #instinct! If it makes you angry to talk about it, then do something. 


2. Stop complaining. Consider new approaches to problems you are facing and act.


3. Be proactive. Anticipate problems and solve them, before they get to management.


4. Be your own advocate. Present a case for what you want, such as a raise, more responsibility or a new title. Just remember to support your case with evidence. 


5. Brainstorm with someone you trust. You need a cheerleader that will remind you that you can do this. 


6. Lastly, after you take the initiative tell yourself, You did good! 

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