Monday, January 29, 2018

Balancing School and a Part-Time Job By: Jessica Velasco

Balancing School and a Part-Time Job By: Jessica Velasco 

If you’re like many students, you may have a part-time job while attending high school or college. You may be working to help your family pay the bills. You may be working because you need to save money for college. Or, you may be working so you have extra spending money to go out with your friends. Whatever your reason for having a part-time job, you might be struggling to balance school, work, and your personal life.
Just like anything new, it takes practice to do anything well. Here are some nine tips to help you balance school and your part-time job.

1. Know Your Limit

If you are already struggling to keep up with your studies, adding a 20 hour a week job is probably not the best option for you. For many students, it is will be a big adjustment adding any working hours to their schedule. Start slowly and take on extra hours only after you know you have enough time for your studies.

2. Choose a Flexible Job

There will be times during the school year when you will be busier than others. Choose a job that will understand that some weeks you might have to work a few fewer hours.
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Saturday, January 6, 2018

FREE Download: A Parent Guide Career Exploration for Teens

Did you know that 78% of teenagers list their parents as the biggest influence on their career choices? That’s a lot of responsibility. Yet, many parents don’t know exactly how to help their teen explore and prepare for the world of work. The good news is that parents don’t need to be career experts to have a big positive impact. They just need the right tools.


In collaboration with youth career coach Natascha Faye Saunders, we’re happy to announce a new resource: Career Exploration for Teens – A Parent Guide to Starting the Career Conversation.

Our handy 10-page guide has everything parents need to kick off the career conversation, including:

• Ideas, exercises, and online resources to help teens explore careers

• The answer to “Why is career exploration important?”

• Advice on parent attitude and career exploration

• And other tips to help your teen prepare for a more confident future!


Click below to open and download a PDF copy of the guide!