Monday, July 30, 2012

25 Ways Teachers Can Integrate Social Media Into Education

Some teachers embrace technology and social media. Others lurk. Many ignore. So what does the average teacher do if they’re somewhere in the middle?

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

GRADUATION SPEECH | CCAP in Rhode Island by Natascha Saunders, The Youth Career Coach Inc.

2012 GRADUATION SPEECH | CCAP in Rhode Island by Natascha Saunders, The Youth Career Coach Inc. 

"As you get ready to cross this stage, I beg each of you: do not let me stand here alone."

The booming oration of keynote speaker and renowned motivational coach Natascha Saunders enveloped the entire auditorium. The graduating class of 2012 sat at attention, donning royal blue caps and gowns, engrossed by her stirring, aggressive and emotional rhetoric.

"Your desire must be greater than your fear. We are built for greatness, and your success starts now," proclaimed Saunders.



Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tips For Your Student Visa Interview!!!


Tips for your student visa interview at the consulate:

Be prepared by taking a nice shower so you can be relaxed. No perfume or cologne, some have allergies. Prepare an outfit that is seen as appropriate based on your culture. Be mindful that at the U.S. Embassy you may have to pass through metal detectors secured by U.S. Marine Guards, so stay positive.

Practice your English Most likely the interview will be conducted in English. Practice with someone that speaks English very well. In addition, feel free to mention courses or programs you will take in your native country or any specific means of improving your English you will undertake prior to your arrival to the United States.

Know your university Know as many details about the university you will be attending. Know about: the leadership of the university, what do you plan to study and why, know some of the faculty names within the university department you plan to study, what activities would you like to get involved with at the school, what have you read about in that area, where are some of the alumni now, what do you like about this school and lastly how will this educational experience in the U.S.A. help further your career and personal goals in your native country upon graduation.

Materials Although they should have all your documents on file you should still carry them in a portfolio. For example: Proof of admission to the university you plan to enroll, proof of financial support, certified copies of education credentials, copy of your TOEFL scores etc. (Check with your visa consul before your interview to be sure you bring what is needed.)

Express to the interviewer that you have full intention on returning to your native country after your education is completed. Making mention of your family, career prospects, and community ties are examples that you can use during the interview to provide reasons how you are only seeking the opportunity to study in the United States temporarily. You want them to hear from you that you indeed to return home. It’s recommended that you avoid discussing plans to work in the United States after graduation. NOTE: Always be honest; lying is NEVER a good idea. This is just a recommendation.


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Class, anyone? Etiquette, anyone? Manners, anyone?

Class, anyone? Etiquette, anyone? Manners, anyone?

By: Natascha ‘Career Coach’ Saunders
President, The Youth Career Coach Inc.
Former Miss Black Rhode Island USA

Is it just me or do you see the need for etiquette or cotillion classes? Over this past month some women, I've notice: tend to say things at inappropriate times in public, put things on social media that clearly should be kept private or at the very least posted with wisdom (such as blasting out parents, children, men etc.).

Does anyone have any filters? Where is the class?

The other day I had spoken up because someone said my modeling school, ‘Barbizon’, was a waste of money without even knowing the curriculum, their teachers nor did they know that I graduated from Barbizon and was trained to teach their curriculum. 

All I know is my mother enrolled me in Barbizon during my middle school years, NOT to become a model or an actor but to help build my self-esteem,  teach me basic etiquette, class, communication, proper make-up, sitting, standing, listening, vulgarity when is it appropriate, relationships with other girls, smiling, shaking hands, etc. (Note: I did become Miss Black Rhode Island USA. Click here to learn more about the Miss Black USA Scholarship Pageant.)

“The Barbizon experience is about discovering what makes you special, and developing your one-of-a-kind "star" quality for the whole world to see. Their expert modeling and acting training, along with life-skills instruction, will give you the confidence and tools to shine for a lifetime.” ~

These are skills I’ve used ever since. I want to stand out as the ‘Youth Career Coach’. I want to be the best of the best. I want anyone and everyone that works with me to become an expert in their field, to be confident in who they are, shine, stand out and have a brand like no other. So is there something wrong with having someone help you?

I had two of my most memorable teachers Ms.Claire Williams and Ms. Smiler Questel Haynes (my first teacher of color). Ms. Claire Williams was a true diva – the first women I saw in 4 inch heels with a proper length pencil skirt! When I was going through Barbizon, my family had a fire in our home, and I lost everything and I mean everything. Ms. Williams showed up to my door at Academy Homes, in Roxbury, MA with a bag of clothes. Talk about teaching me to walk in grace despite the wearing of used clothes over and over again ‘before it was cool’. 

Ms. Haynes (picture on your left, in yellow) was the epitome of class and I'm grateful to her for teaching me how to be a lady. As a brown skin girl - she was - what I wanted to be like every Saturday morning I went to class.

I am NOT perfect, nor do I claim to be but I'm proud to have a mom and dad that provided me some tools to help distinguish me from the rest and teach me etiquette. If I was too loud in public all my dad had to do was look at me and I knew to calm down, relax and talk – because after all the person was standing right in front of me. lol

I realize my focus is ‘careers and vision’ but goodness gracious....I kept my Barbizon Curriculum (as I was trained to teach by Barbizon, following in the footsteps of Ms. Haynes) and I have no problem dusting it off and bringing this training to young women of color.

Let's step it up, our brand depends on it! Let’s show some stylish class and excellence!

In service, 

Natascha ‘Career Coach’ Saunders

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

'Globals' Generation Focuses On Experience

Jennifer Larr (center), 24, is seen here in Rwanda at the Gashora Girls Academy where she was a teacher in 2011. Larr is part of a new generation of young adults focusing on travel, studying abroad and global experiences.