Monday, March 18, 2019

Stop Settling.. and stop today


What I mean is.....

1. Having a mediocre mindset and not striving for excellence. Stop it.

2. Surrounding yourself by too many naysayers for too long...look around and ask yourself WHY AM I HERE? Stop it.

3. Delivering subpar work on the job - who cares if they don’t appreciate you or you think you are underpaid. Appreciate yourself and recognize your reputation is on the line - do quality work now, so your territory can be enlarged. Stop it.

4. Taking on folks who are unwilling to do the work and pay you. If they called you, clearly they know you did something right! You paid with sweat, tears, loneliness, fiscal decisions, disappointments, and trial by failure to get where you are and to know what you know. Trust me, they can make a donation even if it’s a $10 CVS gift card! Ask for it. Stop it.

5. Selecting opportunities that don’t challenge your intellect and then NOT asking for a testimonial, reference, LinkedIn endorsement, introduction to someone new..... because you feel bad. What in the world? Stop it.

6. Not accepting where you now and not speaking with anyone who can help you think through how to redesign your current position. Take on new projects. Ask them to pay for training or send you to a conference. If you haven’t had coffee with your C—suite, been pulled on a project at the highest level - just maybe you got some work to do right where you are. Stop it.

7. Not keeping track of your weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly accomplishments qualitatively and quantitatively and then wonder why am I making what I am making. Really? Start an excel spreadsheet or handwritten notebook and start tracking. You need fuel for the negotiation. Stop it.

8. Recognizing your work experience, past volunteering, education (self-taught and book smart) counts for something. You matter! Stop it.

9. Not ensuring you have a support group of women and men that you see monthly. Stop it.

10. .....and when the doubts creep, pause, pray and say to yourself, ‘Stop it!’

With love,


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