Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The College Degrees And Skills Employers Most Want In 2015


The hiring picture keeps getting better for college graduates. According to a new survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers are planning to hire 9.6% more graduates for their U.S. operations than they did from the class of 2014. That’s a one percent hike from the 8.6% gain a year ago and a significant jump from 2013, when employers said they would boost hiring by just 2.1% over the previous year.


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Forbes ranks America's best colleges based on the return of investment – what students get out of school after graduation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DW522b6tS-8

Thursday, April 2, 2015

DC-CAPITAL STARS Features: Savion Glover as judge during

Attended DC-CAPITAL STARS and Don Graham Tribute at the Kennedy Center in D.C. April 1, 2015

Making College a Reality for Thousands of District Students

DC-CAP is a non-profit organization working in partnership with the District of Columbia Public and Public Charter School Systems that provides counseling and financial assistance to students who might otherwise never have the opportunity to attend or graduate from college.

Learn more by watching the video below.....

In attendance as a judge during one of DC-CAP biggest fundraising event held at the Kennedy Center on Wednesday, April 1 was Tony Award winning Savion Glover was a highlight. Savion Glover is an American Tap Dancer, Actor, and Choreographer committed to tap education and its history as an art form.

In photo: Natascha F. Saunders, Founder of The Youth Career Coach Inc. and Tony Award Winner, Savion Glover
Photo taken by @SirHarveyFitz
Please help erase the stereotypes about tap dance and help educate other young people by watching this video of one of my favorites Savion Glover and share in a discussion with your young leaders. 

Video: Roots of A Tap Dance Legend – Savion Glover: 

An extra video piece of him at rehearsal: 

Learn more about HooFeRzClub – School of Tap located in Neward, NJ founded by Savion at: www.thehooferzclub.com

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015



Have you ever wanted to be successful so bad you felt it in your bones?

Have you wanted to be successful so bad you stayed up in the middle of the night when everyone else has fallen asleep and you are still writing, plotting and planning your strategy?

Have you wanted it so bad you wanted to go outside, look up to the sky and scream so loud the drivers passing by wondering if you were even human?

The term #beastmode resonates with you because sometimes you wonder if you are even human.
The hunger! The drive! The focus!  No day. No hour. No location changes your tenacity.

You feel something in the pit of your stomach. Folks don’t get it. They tell you to chill. They tell you to have balance. And all you know is I’m on the brink of greatness and my life is a balance of me busting out these walls.

You say yes to everything not because you want to be overwhelmed, but because something in you is on a desperate hunt for something bigger than yourself.

Have you ever wanted success so bad the grind drives you to the brink of insanity?

This is me…. This is me….

Written by Natascha F. Saunders, CEO/Founder, The Youth Career Coach 

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