Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tips For Your Student Visa Interview!!!


Tips for your student visa interview at the consulate:

Be prepared by taking a nice shower so you can be relaxed. No perfume or cologne, some have allergies. Prepare an outfit that is seen as appropriate based on your culture. Be mindful that at the U.S. Embassy you may have to pass through metal detectors secured by U.S. Marine Guards, so stay positive.

Practice your English Most likely the interview will be conducted in English. Practice with someone that speaks English very well. In addition, feel free to mention courses or programs you will take in your native country or any specific means of improving your English you will undertake prior to your arrival to the United States.

Know your university Know as many details about the university you will be attending. Know about: the leadership of the university, what do you plan to study and why, know some of the faculty names within the university department you plan to study, what activities would you like to get involved with at the school, what have you read about in that area, where are some of the alumni now, what do you like about this school and lastly how will this educational experience in the U.S.A. help further your career and personal goals in your native country upon graduation.

Materials Although they should have all your documents on file you should still carry them in a portfolio. For example: Proof of admission to the university you plan to enroll, proof of financial support, certified copies of education credentials, copy of your TOEFL scores etc. (Check with your visa consul before your interview to be sure you bring what is needed.)

Express to the interviewer that you have full intention on returning to your native country after your education is completed. Making mention of your family, career prospects, and community ties are examples that you can use during the interview to provide reasons how you are only seeking the opportunity to study in the United States temporarily. You want them to hear from you that you indeed to return home. It’s recommended that you avoid discussing plans to work in the United States after graduation. NOTE: Always be honest; lying is NEVER a good idea. This is just a recommendation.


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